JOHN and bob ROOKS

In 1988, John and his older, slightly better looking brother Bob rode their bicycles from Seattle to Boston.

Today, they both consult under the SOAP Group umbrella.

John Rooks, Founder has a masters in Writing and Cultural Theory, and is the author of More Than Promote - A Monkey Wrencher's Guide to Authentic Marketing and EcoHegemony: How Sustainability Influences Pop-cultures Or Vice Versa. He founded SOAP in 2003, and then recruited his brother to "handle the science and math."

He has consulted with Fortune 10 companies on sustainability initiatives and curious problems.

Bob Rooks, Founder and Director of Environmental Sciences has a masters in environmental engineering from Duke University. With 30+ years experience, he has served as primary technical lead for multi-million dollar, multi-year environmental restoration programs for the US Navy and US Air Force and for hundreds of municipal and commercial clients.

the brothers rooks


We live and play in Portland, Maine and Kialua, Hawaii

it's the culture.

Hint: The answer is in your employees and you supply chain, not the board room.