Business and nature need to get along better. The first wave of "doing well by doing good" was swarming with 'noble distractions' — good things to do, but not in strategic alignment with the core of the businesses. It was the Gold Rush to do good. Things have changed. We need to design ways to do good WITH your business, not simply FOR your business.

SOAP offers services designed to improve business performance while increasing sustainability performance by aligning sustainability with your core business in authentic ways.


Authenticity Audits sound daunting. We know, we know. But the concept is strikingly simple. Catalogue what you SAY YOU DO and compare it to what YOU DO. The data reveals "Authenticity Gaps," which we then develop strategies to reduce. Authenticity Gaps are rarely intentional. They occur due to blind spots naturally inherent in most organizational structures. Reducing the gaps streamlines your decision making process, reduces redundancies, improves reputation and increases profitability and shareholder value.


We are all asked to do more with less. Every single employee is more important to your business than ever before. We work with employees to help them see their individual jobs through the lens of sustainability and issues most important to the business. The proper corporate norms, behaviors, policies and practices create the backbone of new engagement systems and ultimately define corporate culture. We design, build, manage and measure employee engagement systems.


SOAP works with two distinct groups to create employee engagement programs. Through interviews with the C-Suite and managers, we design programs to reach corporate goals. Simultaneously, we run workshops with manufacturing associates to identify engagement barriers [perceived and actual], and develop strategies to remove them. We then map out goals and barrier relief programs together to design engagement systems with top-down alignment.


We catalogue existing and desired conditions, teasing out and leveraging ideas generated from every level of an organization. Our research strategies allow us to become fly-on-the-wall observers and active participants in the process. We then create unique and strategic documentation deliverables that can be shared with associates around the globe.


We design and manage engagement systems that include rolling out new policies and procedures, reinforcing important norms, establishing new reward systems, designing community engagement opportunities, and supporting innovative feedback loops for ongoing management.


Transitioning your team from one direction to another with your head down at a break-neck pace requires a controlled approach. Services include programmatic design, training, compensation plan structures, core messaging alterations, physical campus design and architecture, benefit planning, facilitated off-sites, and semi-annual wellness check-ups. SOAP delivers strategies to manage shifts toward greater performance coupled with improved sustainability and social justice metrics.


SOAP's technical environmental staff help companies gather environmental data (and knowledge) as part of a comprehensive sustainability strategy. Following benchmarking (compliance, cost, footprint), we then build out comprehensive technical, environmental, supply chain, and product materiality strategies to reduce risk and environmental impact. Partnering with leading certification (ISO and others) and engineering companies, we offer a full spectrum of environmental consulting services.


Most modern problems that corporate sustainability attempts to solve can be attributed to larger cultural issues (over consumption, debt crisis, obesity, etc.). Focusing on your own organizational culture is an investment in the people (employees and business partners) who can fix these problems. Smart sustainability initiatives have business value to the corporation, but until the culture develops its own authentic sustainability values, they are patchwork solutions.


Today's companies need to become more porous. Information needs to flow more freely and be assimilated rapidly into institutional structures. Through an array of practices and platforms designed to identify, create, distribute, present - and above all - enable the sharing and absorption of knowledge in your organization, SOAP helps companies become greater learning organizations. Most companies are adept at turning knowledge into data, thereby reducing the full benefit of the knowledge. Sometimes, the process of learning is more important than the information captured.


An open and authentic relationship with your stakeholders is a form of business lubricant, greasing the wheels of commerce and sustainability. Holding proper dialogues, aligning with stakeholder goals, being strategically transparent and collaborating with your stakeholders (employees, supply chain, NGO partners or adversaries) can improve your business climate and performance.


SOAP helps NGOs and governments design and implement public service projects that activate and engage specific constituents. From rallying around progressive political ideas to beach clean-ups and public education campaigns, we can design and develop content and tools, and measure the impact they have on the initiative.


Artist: Byeong Doo Moon

Photo: Brek