So far, sustainability has been about mechanical improvements and offering consumers “less bad” options. From here, we move into an era where sustainability is cultural. Understanding that culture, its view of consumption, charity, product, meaning, and behavior is a competitive advantage.

SOAP provides a variety of intelligence services geared to gain insight and report on trends, triggers, meaning, opportunities and pitfalls on the horizon.


Recognizing and understanding patterns in culture allows us to model predictive behaviors for idea adoption, businesses, politics and consumers. Plotting key indicators (the economy, politics, pop-culture, social dialogues, fashion, news cycles, etc.), SOAP not only spots trends, but deconstructs them to understand their various triggers to aid in product or process design, messaging and market dispositions.


This is the science of contextualization. How do people use and talk about your core ideas, products or services? What does how they live say about you? We identify (via chain sampling and social connector graphs), observe, interview, study and document your stakeholders to gather context-based insight and bolster confidence in your decision making process.


Drucker was right - what gets measured gets managed. SOAP helps you build-out environmental data management systems, data conversions, reporting protocols and employee feedback loops to better understand your wastes and resources. Our platforms help you understand, manage and achieve your environmental goals.


SOAP provides deep-tissue assessment of internal policies, procedures, corporate norms, engagement, CSR initiatives, supply-chains, products and programs. Our evaluation services are designed to provide definitive and strategic direction so that you can understand, measure and manage sustainability.


We design and facilitate collaborative workshops to garner stakeholder buy-in, generate and prototype ideas, and streamline planning. Our skilled and creative facilitators organize ideas and plot courses for unfettered brainstorming and more confident decision-making.


From marketing to technical sustainability and social impact strategies, we help you streamline the planning process through a variety of exercises and methodologies. We then articulate those plans as fully researched, staged and budgeted strategic pathways based on your priorities. Visual roadmaps and guides are also provided as implementation and management tools.


Working through a 6-step priority process, we help you identify what issues of materiality (physical and social) are important to you, your community and the planet. The overlaps in operational and social relevance set the course. We then map them over four potential tolerances (pioneer, leadership, maintenance, or compliance). Once plotted, the result allows us to define the programs to get you there.


Whether we are working with international NGOs on education systems, companies on product design, or governments on process design, SOAP facilitators are adept at teasing out and then moving ideas through the creation process to the point of action. Through brainstorming techniques and rapid prototyping, we generate and bring ideas to fruition.


A charrette is a method of generating and organizing thoughts from multiple perspectives into a structured standard that is unrestricted and conducive to creative problem-solving. We facilitate charrettes with employees and other stakeholders to quickly solve problems and generate new ideas.


Based on Joseph Campbell’s work in universal mythologies, this workshop explores your organization’s heroic journey (the monomyth). By (re)telling your organizational history using the storytelling patterns of the ‘monomyth,’ employees, customers and members begin to appreciate your organization as a hero. Coupled with newly patterned language and iconography, this new workshop reveals you inner hero and can be a rallying point for your brand.


Do you have the human capacity for sustainability? Not the will - the human capacity. We survey employees to see how their personal values map to the aspirations of the company to make sure the human capacity is intact. This is a helpful tool for both designing reward and engagement systems, as well as when developing employee recruitment screeners. Plotting employee values against social-good and corporate values, we create a snapshot of authentic and systemic corporate alignment at the human level.


What comes before accountability is authenticity. We dive deep into organizations and document what’s really going on. Using documentary film techniques, we interview employees both on- and off-site to find out the most authentic stories for you. Often this service is provided to clients' ad agencies as they craft brand messaging based on real sustainability actions.


Photo: Colin Clark